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B-213, Chuungbuk Technopark, 40 Yeongudanji-ro, Ochang-eub, Cheongwon-gu Cheongju-si Chungcheongbuk-do 28116 Korea
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Young-kyun Woo




J Farm Citrus Hair Shampoo

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J Farm Citrus Hair Shampoo

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 Brand Name

J’ farm citrus

Hair Shampoo
J'farm citrus hair shampoo
Contains Jeju tangerines oil + contains 20% Jeju tangerine extracts + provides nutrients to hair + removes impurities + maintain the scalp balance
J'farm citrus hair shampoo contains Jeju tangerine extracts and Jeju tangerine oil. It is rich in Vitamin A, C and E. These rich nutrients noutishes the scalp and hair. This helps maintain healthy and lively scalp and manage smooth and bouncy hair.
Various herbal extracts help maintain smooth and shiny hair. In addition, it cleanses all impurities in the scalp and hair without irritation.
Capacity : 500ml 16.9FL, OZ
J'farm citrus is a cosmetic brarnd specializes in Korea's unique natural tangerine extracts. J'farm citrus brings you the uncontaminated island of Jeju. We use human-friendly natural extracts that have been used since the old days. The extracts are highly biodegradable and environment-friendly, contributing to the protection of the environment.
We would like to bring you the beauty of the uncontaminated island of Jeju.
Experience the true beauty and the natura with J'farm citrus.
The story of tangerine extracts
01. Harvesting tangerines
We harvest fresh, sweet and sour tangerines of the uncontaminated island of Jeju.
02. Tangerines juice extraction
We extract fresh tangerines oil and raw juice from tangerines peel and fruit which contain a lot of active agents.
03. Tangerines extraction
We harvest fresh, sweet and sour tangerines of the uncontaminated island of Jeju.
Low temperature decompression extraction
Nutrients in jeju tangerines can be easily destroyed by heat. Therefore in order to minimize the loss of nutrients, we apply pressure at a low temperature without heating. This method does not destory nutrients and allows the taste and flavor stay the same just like the fresh tangerines. The extracts are clear and transparent.

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